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Note: The AI Call Portal is no longer active and links to it on this page have been removed.

The AI Call portal consists of two parts:

  • Brokerage area including the Project Idea Tool and a Partner search
  • Project (management) area

The Brokerage area facilitates you to openly share your idea with others, improve it and find missing expertise/partners, while the Project area allows you to work on your actual project proposal in a closed setting.


On the AI Call portal, under My AI Call projects you can:

  • Create a new project proposal and;
  • Manage all AI Call project (proposal)s in which you are active


The AI Call 2021 submission template can be downloaded here. The submission deadline is 28 June 2021. All proposals received by the deadline will be reviewed for technical quality by the Clusters supporting the AI Call and by the national authorities to check eligibility for funding. Initial results of the evaluations are expected in September.


When creating a proposal, project Leaders need to indicate which of the participating Clusters they would like to support them through the project submission, evaluation and subsequent monitoring process.

Proposals should select the Cluster best aligned to the key technology focus area(s) in their proposal as this will allow the appropriate Cluster to provide the best level of technological support and knowledge to look after the proposal. The participating Clusters have aligned their processes and procedures to support this Call so that there is no operational advantage or disadvantage when choosing a supporting Cluster.

If a project consortium considers that their project idea addresses two areas of Cluster expertise, they may select a second Cluster to jointly oversee their proposal. In this case both Clusters will share the responsibility for the proposal through evaluation and through its operational life as required.  There is no advantage or disadvantage in terms of success rate by selecting two Clusters. This facility is to ensure the appropriate technical competence is always on hand to evaluate and support the proposals.


Each partner intending to participate in a Eureka Clusters AI Call project has to acknowledge the rules and regulations of the primary Cluster they have chosen, by signing the Declaration of Acceptance (DoA). The DoA submission process is an integrated part of the Project area and can be found when editing a partner in the tool.


In order to make use from AI Call portal, you need to create an account or login with your credentials. If you forgot your credentials of last year, you can use reset your password.


A Quick start and Project checklist will guide you when setting up your proposal. In case you have any questions regarding the AI Call portal, don’t hesitate to contact us via info(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign) If you have any funding-related questions, please contact your local Public Authority. More details can be found at the funding page.

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