Preliminary announcement of the 2nd EUREKA Cluster AI Call with a submission date in June 2021

Based on the interest shown in the 1st Eureka Clusters AI Call in 2020, and the national priorities in the Eureka Member states for supporting the development, adaption and utilisation of emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities across multiple vertical and technological domains, the Eureka Clusters CELTIC-NEXT, EURIPIDES²-PENTA, EUROGIA, ITEA3, and SMART, together with a number of Eureka Public Authorities, are now preparing a 2nd Call for innovative projects in the AI domain. The aim of this Call is to boost the productivity and competitiveness of European industries through the adoption and use of AI systems and services.

Possible Application areas for the
Eureka Clusters AI Call

  • New AI capabilities
  • AI for Agriculture
  • AI for a Circular Economy
  • AI for Climate Response
  • AI for Cybersecurity
  • AI for eHealth
  • AI for Electronic Components and Systems
  • AI for ICT and applications
  • AI for Industry 4.0
  • AI for Low Carbon Energy
  • AI for Safety
  • AI for Transport and Smart Mobility
  • AI for Smart Cities
  • AI for Software Innovation
  • AI for Smart Engineering
  • … and many more

Time to invest in AI

Artificial Intelligence is a rapidly developing technology with the potential to influence or transform almost every aspect of the economy and society. In-depth knowledge and leadership in developing and applying this powerful capability is an essential requirement, if industry is to maintain its leadership in multiple application areas, or take advantage of new opportunities.

This EUREKA Clusters AI Call is specifically designed to stimulate activity in this important area, through the creation of trans-national collaborative projects in applications that will support economic growth and benefit society as a whole.

Participants are invited to submit applied research and innovation project proposals in the field of Artificial intelligence, indicating, where possible, how they are related to the technological focus area of the participating Clusters most relevant to their proposal.

Participating Countries

This EUREKA Cluster Call on AI has already received funding commitments in excess of 40 Million Euros from the countries listed here












South Korea

South Africa

(Third Country)

All EUREKA countries are invited to support this Call and/or individual proposals. However, project partners from other EUREKA countries, or countries outside of EUREKA, must secure their national funding within the deadlines for the Call to participate.

In all cases, it is strongly recommended that potential project partners contact their supporting Public Authority to check their eligibility for support under this Call.  Funding eligibility rules per country will be the same as those used currently by these countries for the evaluation of EUREKA Cluster proposals.

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